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Our studio workshop is located in Dadeville, Alabama where we design and craft all of our pieces. The workshop has approx. 1500 sq. ft. of shop space that is climate controlled. With a value for detailed work that is done by hand, we set aside ample space in the shop to comfortably fit a drafting/design table as well as a traditional workbench where most of our hand tools are used. This is where we spend most of our time in the shop as each piece we make is handcrafted. In other words, we don't allow the machines to have all the fun. 


The rest of the workshop has several different "islands" where specific tools are parked next to each other according to their function. The process of a piece from start to finish will include design, lumber selection, milling, machining, joinery, sanding, and finishing. This entire process is done by us "in-house" in order to maintain the excellence of the piece. 


We are very selective when it comes to our lumber and for most of our work, we use solid hardwoods. More specifically, black walnut, cherry, and white oak. With a value for quality, we source most of our lumber from specific mills. For example, we like to get our walnut from a family-run sawmill in northern Pennsylvania where we will purchase the lumber and they will ship it to us. We also on occasion will mill our own lumber which will then be accompanied with a year or two of air-drying outside the shop before it can be worked. Whenever we build a piece of furniture, we will usually bring the wood in the shop weeks before we start working it so it can acclimatize to the environment. Since solid hardwoods move, it is our goal to minimize that movement as much as possible which is one of the reasons we have a dehumidifier so we are able to control the humidity of the shop to best fit the room where that piece of furniture will live.  

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