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Charcuterie Board

Type of Wood
  • Designed to not only be functional but beautiful, our charcuterie boards are made of the finest local and exotic hardwoods giving them a stability that will last and a look that is pure (don't be surprised if you display it more than you use it). At Chisel & Wood, the details are important to us. Every piece of wood we use is locally picked by us and created with our own hands giving each product a personal touch and a story to tell. Upon completion, we hand sand each board and finish it with a oil & wax conditioner that is food safe and food ready so it can be used on day 1. 


    type of hardwood: claro walnut


    built-in handle for easy handling


    dimensions: 26.75" x 7.5" x .875" 


    designed and handcrafted in Redding, CA

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