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born in Michigan, Zach Burandt spent his early years in a small town up north called Cheboygan. After graduating from Michigan State University, he spent the next decade living in Alabama and California. It was during his time in Northern California when he was first attracted to hardwoods and the allurement of working with them. As he apprenticed under a local furniture maker, the pull towards all things woodworking increased and Zach decided to set aside a season of life to attend the Krenov School of Fine Furniture in Fort Bragg, CA. Upon completion of the school, he travelled back to Dadeville, Alabama where he spent the next 18 months building his dream shop on a small lot of land where he now resides. As an independent furniture maker, Zach has been influenced by the simplicity and excellence he sees in Japanese furniture, the aesthetic of the mid-century modern movement, and the spiritual philosophy of James Krenov and George Nakashima's approach to the craft. With time, he aims to honor the craft by making furniture that is simple, excellent, and personal in nature as his intention with each piece is to tell a story with the wood that will last a lifetime. 


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